Race Rules

Race Rules

While you are responsible for your own safety and enter this event at your own risk, the event organisers have taken every reasonable measure to ensure your safety, as a participant of the North Shore Marathon.

It is important that you read the event rules and follow each of the safety guidelines of the event:

First Aid is located at the Race Head quarters – Gould Reserve, The Strand, Takapuna. Additional Medical Teams will be following the events.

Participants Only are allowed on the Course and Start/Finish Area. Everyone is welcome at the Recovery Zone.

No Spectators or supporters are allowed to follow participants at any stage of the event.

ALL New Zealand Road Rules Apply.

ALL roads are OPEN to normal traffic. There are absolutely no Road Closures.

You must run on the footpath at all times and within the safety cones.

Do not cut any corners.
Knowing the course is your responsibility, please double check the course map.
You may not compete under another persons identity as we need to know exactly who is on course for Health & Safety reasons and incase medical treatment is required.

You must listen to and obey any instructions given by Race Officials.

If you are walking or running in a group please do not walk or run more than two abreast.

Please be aware of participants passing you from behind and keep to the left.

Please seed yourself accordingly at the start.

Please ensure you have adequate and suitable clothing, Footwear must be worn, No bare torsos.

Please ensure you are physically fit and healthy enough to complete your chosen distance. If you are unsure please seek advice from a medical professional.

If you feel unwell or unfit to compete in the event we strongly advice you to withdraw immediately and seek assistance or professional advice.

If another participant is in distress immediately offer assistance and inform a Race Official.

Please report any accidents or incidents to a Race Official as soon as possible.
You may not compete under another persons identity as we need to know exactly who is on course incase Medical attention is required.

All forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, bicycles, inline skates, prams/buggies, skate boards, scooters are not permitted.

No Prams, Buggies or Nordic Poles.

No pets are allowed to accompany participants.

Race Numbers must be worn on the front of your top at all times.

Timing Responders must be attached to your shoe laces for the entire duration of the event.
All Timing Responders MUST BE returned immediately following the event to the Red Buckets at Finish Line.

Due to the risk to the individual and fellow participants, the use of any and all portable audio devices, including but not limited to, ipods, mp3, cellphones and walkman devices is discouraged.

The walking categories will not be judged and it would be appreciated if all walkers adhere to sportsmanship behaviour and walk the entire event if in the walker category.

All participants under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parent or guardian.
Entry Fees are Non-Refundable, however you can take advantage of our Event or Participant Transfer Policy.