Get Coached

We’re excited to announce a partnership that could change the way you experience the North Shore Marathon.

We’ve partnered with Coached, a personalised online training program to ensure you to train correctly, stay injury free and race to your potential on September 11.

Ben Pulham, Coached head coach hails from the North Shore, is a former professional triathlete who has decades of training & racing experience. More recently, he has Coached thousands of runners and triathletes, helping them to optimise their training and achieve their goals.

As part of our partnership, Coached is offering you a special price of only SGD $80 to train until race day.

What do you get?

A carefully designed personal training plan where you set how often and which days you’d like to train

Logging and analytics to track your progress

Daily training emails and a weekly running report sent right to your inbox

Coaching support from an experienced team of advisors

Community support from a team of like minded runners and triathletes

A curated article and video library including important race execution guides

And much more